The Dynavicerants

The Adventure Begins

A Casino Brawl Begins

It started when the adventurers were in the grand Drakenkias city of Arkenstein. The city of luck and gambling. Our four intrepid adventures were there for various reasons. The Shardmind, Saint Ptolemy, was there performing for the crowds. The human knight, Ezra, was there on a security detail. The druid was merely there out of paranoia, and the drow was the manager of said casino. All was going well until the Drakenkias appeared and declared everyone was under arrest. Most of the charges were outrageous and would not hold up in a non-bias court, but the courts were quite biased. It seemed our band of heroes would be thrown in jail or beheaded before their adventure even began. Although, in an odd turn of events, they were saved by a serial killer. The killer was a dwarf who went only by the alias “Enigma”, he has killed an alleged 314 people in two years. With the chaos he brought the heroes were able to sneak out into the alleyway. Here they encountered a revolution and the leader of it himself, Joseph Stormeye. From here they were lead to the secret and magically protected base of The Pugnas, unsure of what was coming next.


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